Kid Carpet was undoubtedly the busiest performer at this season’s Heads Up Festival. Adults were treated to a late-night pub performance and the penultimate night of the festival saw a big turnout for a first performance of The Castle Builder. Kid Carpet’s Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show gave younger audiences a gig of their own.

If this was anyone’s first gig they might be disappointed in future when they head to an Arena to find that their favourite X-Factor winner lacks the energy of Kid Carpet and that they aren’t allowed on stage to chase around after a sandwich at the end of a fishing rod.

Kid Carpet’s Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show, which took place at Kardomah 94, is certainly a participatory affair but such is the atmosphere that the star of the show creates that nobody really waits for an invite to join in, they’re all just there from the off.

Adults accompanying children get immediately into it too, probably half-thinking that the energy expanded in these 45 minutes will ensure a little piece and quiet for at least the next two weeks while also enjoying KC’s punk rock DIY attitude.

It’s all gloriously daft and silly, as you’d expect from a man whose main tools of the trade are children’s toy instruments, and there’s a gorilla and a hedgehog in it too. It is all an education in letting yourself go, doing whatever you fancy, being in the moment and flying like a Golden Eagle. All of which young audiences are good at, of course.

There’s a bit of story, and a few games, and ultimately we’re destined for a dance contest. But mostly it’s all focused around the songs, with their instant hooks and subject matter that is vitally important to kids, such as doing a little poo in the forest (would you?).

Everyone had a wonderful time. We played Penguin Race. We might have changed the way we count to 10. Young audience member Stella came first in the dance contest and was presented with her large ego as a prize. Ping Pong balls flew around the room. We all laughed. A lot.

And, having rocked out in style one last time to the classic Jesus Is A Hedgehog, we’ve now all got Kid Carpet’s songs in our head. Possibly for ever. So much for the peace and quiet, eh?

Many young audience members remained at the end for a songwriting workshop with Kid Carpet, where they flexed their imaginations and had the songwriting process brilliantly demystified by their new hero. Heads Up Festival hopes that all of the workshop participants go on to become professional songwriters in future and we look forward to welcoming them back to the festival as performers.