HULL’S  own Heads Up Festival springs back into life on Wednesday with a performance of the critically acclaimed DenMarked by Conrad Murray.

The production, at Kardomah 94 on Wednesday, October 5 at 7.30pm, is an autobiographical performance told through storytelling, singing, rapping and a loop station. Created by Conrad Murray and developed with Battersea Arts Centre, DenMarked explores the extent by which we are marked by events.

DenMarked marks the start of a packed programme of work at Heads Up, which runs until October 15, 2016. The twice-yearly event presents some of the most exciting, challenging theatre and is produced by Ensemble 52 in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre.

This season’s programme of work includes work originally developed at Battersea Arts Centre alongside some of the most exciting work produced out of the city.

BAC shows also include LUNG’s The 56 and Rhiannon Armstrong’s installation The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid. Murray, Armstrong and LUNG will also deliver workshops and additional shows in Hull at schools, community centres and arts facilities as part of their Heads Up commitments.

Content produced in the region includes new work by She Productions and Bellow Theatre.

The festival also includes new E52 Films’ short film Nothing, as well as contributions from arts movement What Next? and playwright John Godber. A broad programme of work also sees National Poetry Day and Marcel Craven’s new art exhibition included in this season’s Heads Up.

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