by non zero one

Where: Central Library, Albion Street, Hull, HU1 3TF

When: 22 September, 2pm

Tickets: £7.50

Heads Up Festival: Ground Control

Ground Control is a unique interactive performance for 7–12 year olds.

You are Ground Control, and Futuretron is asking for your help to decide the future of a new planet.

Here’s the situation: in 1974, a manned mission was sent into space to look for inhabitable planets. Now, in present day, the sensors aboard Shuttle X27-40 indicate that it may have found just such a planet. The three astronauts on board are about to be woken from their hypersleep …They need your help.

Using a giant projection screen and a live, highly intelligent computer (well, Futuretron), you will be part of a team deciding on an identity for the planet, its laws and values.

No adults allowed!


For non zero one: Sarah Butcher, Cat Harrison, John Hunter, Fran Miller, Alex Turner

Ground Control is a Hijack Festival commission.

Developed with support from the Unicorn Theatre.

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