REVIEW: Is He On The Line…? Inklings of Sexuality
Jez Dolan

At the end of day two of Heads Up Festival, we find Michelle Dee back at Kardomah 94 asking festival goers, ‘Have you any clue what it will be?’ Commissioned by Einkofi and debuting at Heads Up, Is He On the Line? is a new music theatre piece created by British visual artist Jez Dolan […]

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REVIEW: Race Cards – Question Everything, Believe Nothing
Race Cards

Michelle Dee visits Race Cards by artist Selina Thompson, the highly visual work about identity politics currently housed in Hull Central Library. Pinned on the walls are a 1000 handwritten numbered cards. Each card contains a question written by Selina over 24 hours, in three sittings across one weekend in Edinburgh. The questions range from […]

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REVIEW: Dean Wilson & Dave Lee’s East Coast Fever – Quietly Beautiful
East Coast Fever

And we have lift off! Heads Up Festival’s 12th season sets out on a four day mission to bring joy, excitement, pose questions and enthral audiences once more. Michelle Dee settles in her comfy seat at the front, pint of local ale in hand, to watch the highly anticipated premiere of Dean Wilson: East Coast […]

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REVIEW: Heads Up Festival 2018 goes out with a bang with the provocative Foreign Radical
Foreign Radical at Heads Up Festival

Michelle Dee just loves these immersive theatre shows. Last time she found herself thrust into the limelight she unexpectedly became Madam President in ‘The Situation Room’ (Oscar Mike 2012) and promptly took everyone to war. With Foreign Radical by Theatre Conspiracy (Vancouver) the end game isn’t quite so final. Or at least it wasn’t for […]

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INTERVIEW: Michelle Dee on over five years of Heads Up
Michelle Dee. Photograph by Anete Sooda.

Michelle Dee has been a part of Heads Up Festival every step of the way. Since day one, Michelle has joined us as both an audience member and a critical voice, providing a host of blog posts and reviews along the way, and keeping the festival organisers’ egos in check. It’s impossible to imagine Heads […]

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REVIEW: Ground Control – the future planet looks rosy
Ground Control at Heads Up Festival

  While Heads Up’s adult audiences were being asked to consider the implications of surveillance, cyber security, freedom of movement, whether honesty is the best policy, the right to associate with whoever you choose, spying on each other and making arguments for and against placing people on terrorist watchlists at Theatre Conspiracy’s mind-blowingly thought-provoking Foreign […]

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